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Medical issues and Yoni Steaming

When should I avoid 

doing a steam?

  • Pregnant or if there is any possibility of pregnancy.

  • During the heaviest part of your menstrual cycle.

  • Experiencing a fever.

  • Have an IUD.

  • Experiencing extremely heavy flowing menses.

  • Have any open cuts, wounds, stitches and or sores.

  • With genital piercings. ALL Piercings must be removed prior to arrival because they may heat and possibly cause burning.

I've had a partial or total hysterectomy. Are there any benefits of vaginal steaming for me?

Yoni Steaming is great for all aspects of female health, so it can definitely still be beneficial for you. Although all or part of the physical uterus may have been removed, the energetic center remains and can benefit from the warmth and clearing. Steaming is also great for increasing moisture, circulation, addressing odor and balancing vaginal pH which helps to prevent infections and bacterial vaginosis. Of course it is also a wonderful way to relax and pamper yourself, which is always a lovely benefit.

Can I still benefit from a Yoni Steam if I have already gone through menopause

Absolutely! Women in any cycle of life can benefit from a Yoni Steam, especially those who are menopausal. A Yoni steam is very moisturizing and may help to relieve dryness and may increase elasticity. It has been known to reduce severity and frequency of hot flashes and also really helps you sleep soundly. It is a wonderful way to relax and pamper yourself, which is always a lovely benefit.

Can Yoni Steaming increase sex drive?

Yes, Yoni Steaming may enhance sex drive. On an emotional level, Yoni Steaming supports us to cultivate a profound sense of self-love and increases our self-confidence (especially as it relates to our Yonis), which has great implications for a woman's sex life. On the physical level, Yoni Steaming increases circulation and increases lubrication, which is clearly great for the libido and sex life as well.

The LifeLab offers meditative yoni steaming as part of the complete healing process. For more information on the steams that offered independently of life coaching, visit thePink Orchid Jacksonville page.

Steam My HooHaa Whaaat????


You may view Yoni Steaming as appealing yet foreign and strange. 

Below, you'll find answers to many of your questions.

Please read thoroughly or call me directly at 904-323-2155 prior to booking anappointment.

How private is the session?

     Pink Orchid offers Extremely private, private and semi-private steam sessions.. While this service is usually done in an open, communal room, Coach Kim's Pink Orchid recognizes the cultural diversity of our clients and offers bamboo dividers to provide  complete privacy and tranquility. 

     You are in a full length gown during your steam. Your body is never touched by anyone other than you and nothing is ever inserted into the vagina. 

Your modesty is never compromised.

How is a Yoni steam done?

During the Yoni steaming, you are within the privacy of the bamboo divider walls, you are in a full length gown. This is a very gentle process which involves sitting on a custom made Yoni stool that is hand-crafted in Orlando, FL. Each seat has an opening in which mild steaming organic herbs are placed under the opening and the herbal infused steam gently permeates the Yoni into the womb.. Each seat and all coverings are thoroughly sanitized after each use and then covered in a freshly cleaned towel. 

Can I steam without the use of herbs?

Yes! We offer steaming with organic pink Himalayan salt and organic rose petals or lavender only. Steaming in general allows a women to reconnect with herself and send love and positive energy to the womb, a nourishing practice, which is very empowering.

What does the word Yoni mean?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina, and also means "divine passage" or "sacred temple".

Where does the practice originate?

The Yoni Steam dates back thousands of years and is seen in almost every indigenous cultures from Africa, Asia, India, the Mayan, Greece, Palau and Native American populations. The practice is known as Yoni Steam, V-Steams, Vaginal Steaming, Chai-yok, or Bajos, and has been used as a common ritual to honor and connect with feminine energy. Yoni Steams are known to be utilized to restore balance, clear away stagnation and many other issues. It's popularity has been steadily growing in the West, and for good reason.

Yoni Steaming allows women to reconnect with their bodies in a positive loving way which helps to clear blocked energy. There is a wisdom worth exploring in practices that have been passed down for centuries. 

Does Yoni Steaming really work?

There will always be those who doubt remedies that are not proven by modern science. However, Yoni Steaming is a tradition that has stood the test of time. For generations, women have shared their success stories and in the past several years most major cities in the United States now have Vaginal Steaming salons. Yoni steaming is an alternative, natural and organic healing option but should never replace any directives given by your licensed healthcare provider.

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